Fast Acid Analysis HPLC Column #1250100


Matrix Sulfonated divinyl benzene-styrene copolymer
Crosslinkage 8%
Particle size 9 μm
Ionic form Hydrogen
Operating pH range 1–3
Maximum pressure 1,500 psi
Maximum temperature 65°C
Typical mobile phase 0.005 M H2SO4
Column size 100 x 7.8 mm
Guard cartridge 1250129 or 1250502 (industrial grade)
Storage 0.005 M H2SO4
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125-0100-MSDS Fast Acid Analysis Column English

Use the Fast Acid Analysis Column for the analysis of alcohols, glycols, and hydrophobic organic acids. This shorter column is optimized for analysis of acids, and provides much faster elution times than the longer Aminex® HPX-87H Column.

  • Hydrogen-form; 100 x 7.8 mm
  • Analysis time is decreased 4x when compared to standard length columns; analyses can be completed in 3–5 minutes
  • Optimized for analysis of alcohols, glycols, and hydrophobic organic acids; rapid screening of fruit quality
  • Shorter column results in taller, narrower peaks with improved detection limits and smaller sample loads

The Fast Acid Analysis Column is ideal for fast separations of organic acids in samples where only specific components are of interest. As with the Aminex HPX-87H column, the most common mobile phase is dilute sulfuric acid. Typically, the only sample preparation requirement is 0.45 μm filtration.

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