Survey of the 2009 commercial optical biosensor literature.


Rebecca L Rich, David G Myszka

Journal of Molecular Recognition



We took a different approach to reviewing the commercial biosensor literature this year by inviting 22 biosensor users to serve as a review committee. They set the criteria for what to expect in a publication and ultimately decided to use a pass/fail system for selecting which papers to include in this year's reference list. Of the 1514 publications in 2009 that reported using commercially available optical biosensor technology, only 20% passed their cutoff. The most common criticism the reviewers had with the literature was that "the biosensor experiments could have been done better." They selected 10 papers to highlight good experimental technique, data presentation, and unique applications of the technology. This communal review process was educational for everyone involved and one we will not soon forget.Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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