XplOrer64 System



Vs Regulation (European Directives)

EN ISO standardized

AUTO-CONTROL testing certified AFNOR Validation

User’ Goal

Answer the European regulation requirements

Complementary active management tool for water quality assessment (System of Alert)



TTC-Tergitol Slanetz & Bartley




Principle of the method

Growth on a selective culture agar media

Specific enzymatic detection in a liquid culture medium

Impedancemetry, based on specific growth detection


Membrane filtration, colonies counting on the membrane,
confirmations required

2 sample dilutions
and repartition
in microplates
(no confirmation)


Membrane filtration step
(no confirmation)

Time to Detection

Presumptive results in 48 hr + 24 - 48 hr for additional confirmation tests results
Final results
in 72 - 96 hr

End point
results reading
in 36 - 72 hr

for both E.coli and Enterococci

Real-time and

- Maximum 8 hr for E.coli
- Maximum 12.5 hr for Enterococci

  • The first alternative method to MUG/EC and MUD/SF microplates (EN ISO 9308-3 and 7899-1) certified by AFNOR validation for monitoring of bathing water
  • Easy to use method to quantify E. coli and/or intestinal Enterococci without confirmation
  • Same day results for active management of bathing water quality
  • Automated method from testing to final analysis report



Product Overview

Bathing water quality is based on monitoring of potential sources of pollution focused on the testing of two microbiological indicators of fecal contamination: Escherichia coli and intestinal Enterococci. The XplOrer64 method is an innovative and convenient automated method for the rapid detection and enumeration of E.coli and/or Enterococci in recreational bathing water, fresh surface water and marine seawater. It is the first alternative method certified twice by AFNOR Validation for microbiological bathing water monitoring

Intended Use

The XplOrer64 System and its CheckN'Safe range of reagents meet the need to support communities in managing crisis situations, providing a same-day reliable result verifying whether the quality of water is acceptable for swimming or if the beach must be closed temporarily. The method can help in the decision to reopen a beach after a short-term. The method allows users to monitor the water quality continuously and in real time, up to 64 samples simultaneously. The higher the level of microbiological contamination, the lower the time to result so pollution is detected in only a few hours.


The XplOrer64 method is an automated method based on impedance measurement in liquid medium, without the need for confirmation testing. The test consists of the filtration of 100ml of a water sample on a membrane, which will be placed in a measurement cell containing the CheckN’Safe broth culture medium, specific to the bacteria to be detected. The cell is placed directly into a compartment of XplOrer64 system and warmed to the optimum temperature for growth of the targeted organism. The reading is automated and performed randomly with a 10 min interval, in order to provide results in real-time. Results are given automatically as “organism/100ml” by the XplOrer64 software. The user-friendly software gives an automatic interpretation of these results, according to the water quality criteria classification set by the regulation (CEE/76/160 Directive or 2006/7/CE, or AFSSET 2007 recommendations).

Key features

  • Random access loading of up to 64 samples simultaneously for high flexibility in the routine lab
  • Automated cycle of analysis, information available in real-time (every 10 min)
  • Instantaneous reading for easy interpretation
  • Automatic classification of the results for an appropriate risk management
  • Database creation (XplOrer64 Smart View) for reliable traceability

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(Discontinued) XplOrer64 System (110V)


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