VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Instrumentation



VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Instrumentation


Turn Greater Efficiency into Greater Patient Care

With the VARIANT II TURBO Link, we're combining Bio-Rad's decades of leadership in HbA1c testing with Sysmex's proven expertise in automation to improve your laboratory's workflow. The result is a fully automated solution that helps you be the difference with timely, accurate results.

Streamlined Operations

  • On-demand testing 24/7
  • Automated lavender top tube management
  • Workflow optimization
  • Reduced sample handling errors and delays

Save Time and Labor

  • Sample ID decision logic on HST-N automation line
  • Specimen retrieval and archiving using a sorter
  • Standardized automated sample data decisions using Sysmex WAM™
  • Automated reflex and repeat testing using Sysmex WAM™

You work hard everyday to provide accurate, reliable results in the most efficient way possible. That commitment inspired Bio-Rad to develop the VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System—an advanced, fully-automated testing system designed to streamline operations while ensuring quality results.

The VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System integrates Bio-Rad’s proven HbA1c assay performance with the Sysmex® XN9000™ fully-automated hematology system to handle over 90% of whole blood EDTA samples while delivering maximum flexibility and accuracy. The result is a consolidated offering that lets you be the difference—for your patients and your lab.

Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation.


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VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System

Integration of the Sysmex® XN9000™ hematology automation platform and the VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System enables on-demand, automated hematology and HbA1c testing in a random access setting
(Available in the US and Canada Only)

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