V3 Western Workflow™

V3 Western Workflow - Western Blotting


V3 Western Workflow™
Tutorial: V3 Western Workflow™ with Stain-Free Imaging

Bio-Rad's V3 Western Workflow provides researchers with more confidence in the blotting process and in their results. This video demonstrates the fast, convenient, and transparent V3 Western Workflow process, how Image Lab™ software performs data normalization using total protein loading controls, and how stain-free gel technology is used to yield more reliable western blot results.

Webinar: Can We Trust Western Blots?

In this 45 min presentation, Aldrin Gomes, Associate Professor of Neurobiology at UC Davis, talks about key success factors to instill trust in western blotting data.

11Using Image Lab™ Software for Total Protein Normalization on Western Blots
Webinar: Single-Cell Western Blot and Stain-Free Total Protein Loading Control

Robyn Murphy, Associate Professor at the School of Life Sciences of Latrobe University, has developed a unique protocol to conduct western blotting on muscles at single-cell levels to examine fiber type-specific protein expression patterns. Find out how Bio-Rad's stain-free gel technology helps ensure quantitative analysis in this unique procedure.

Mini-PROTEAN® TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gel Ordering Information
  Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Precast Gels
  8+1-Well 30 µl 10-Well 30 µl 10-Well 50 µl
12-Well 20 µl
15-Well 15 µl
IPG/Prep Well 7 cm IPG Strip 450 µl
Gel %
30 µl
30 µl
50 µl
20 µl
15 µl
IPG/Prep Well
7 cm IPG Strip
450 µl
4568029 4568023 4568024 4568025 4568026 4568021
4568039 4568033 4568034 4568035 4568036 4568031
4568049 4568043 4568044 4568045 4568046 4568041
4–15% 4568089 4568083 4568084 4568085 4568086 4568081
4–20% 4568099 4568093 4568094 4568095 4568096 4568091
8–16% 4568109 4568103 4568104 4568105 4568106 4568101
Any kD™
4568129 4568123 4568124 4568125 4568126 4568121
Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gel Ordering Information
  Criterion TGX Stain-Free Gels
  12+2-Well 45 µl 18-Well 30 µl 26-Well 15 µl Prep+2-Well 800 µl IPG+1-Well 11 cm IPG Strip
Resolving Gel % 12+2-Well
45 µl
30 µl
15 µl
800 µl
11 cm IPG Strip
7.5% 5678023 5678024 5678025
10% 5678033 5678034 5678035
12% 5678043 5678044 5678045
18% 5678073 5678074 5678075 5678072 5678071
4–15% 5678083 5678084 5678085 5678082 5678081
4–20% 5678093 5678094 5678095 5678092 5678091
8–16% 5678103 5678104 5678105 5678102 5678101
10–20% 5678113 5678114 5678115 5678112 5678111
Any kD™ 5678123 5678124 5678125 5678122 5678121

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V3 Workflow
What Is Stain-Free Technology?
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Bio-Rad's V3 Western Workflow is a five-step approach to streamlining your western blotting protocol. The V3 Western Workflow facilitates speed and validation at each step of a western blotting experiment — from running gels to quantitating proteins.

The complete V3 Western Workflow incorporates traditional blotting techniques with innovative tools, such as TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels, the Trans-Blot® Turbo™ Transfer System, and the ChemiDoc™ MP and ChemiDoc Imaging Systems, to quickly check electrophoresis results and blot transfer quality prior to western blotting. This simplifies total protein quantitation analysis post-immunodetection and obtains results faster.

5 Steps

  1. Separate proteinsMini-PROTEAN® TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels and Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels offer superior protein separation with fast run times and use standard Tris/glycine running buffers. TGX Stain-Free Precast Gels contain a unique technology formulated into the gel chemistry that enables rapid, high-quality separation of proteins in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. Visualize proteins — protein separation can be visualized and confirmed using stain-free technology, which covalently binds proteins, after a 1-minute activation on a ChemiDoc MP or ChemiDoc Imager. This allows the immediate visualization of proteins across the whole gel without staining. Stain-free technology is a sensitive, time-saving alternative to traditional Coomassie staining, offering a streamlined workflow.
  3. Transfer proteins — the Trans-Blot Turbo System is a rapid protein transfer apparatus that can reduce transfer protocols to as little as 3 minutes while maintaining high-efficiency protein transfers across a wide range of molecular weights.
  4. Verify protein transfer — the ChemiDoc MP or ChemiDoc Imagers, paired with stain-free technology, enable instant verification of protein transfer. After transfer, immunodetect your protein of interest using Precision Antibodies coupled with Clarity or Clarity Max ECL Substrates.
  5. Validate and quantitate — the fifth step, available only with a ChemiDoc MP or ChemiDoc Imager and Image Lab™ Software, may be used to validate western blotting data via total protein normalization. When normalizing to total protein, stripping and reprobing is no longer necessary. Image Lab Software gives quantitative results instead of relative normalization.

V3 Western Workflow

The V3 Western Workflow is available in four different configurations:

V3 Western Workflow Complete System Configuration Guide
ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System
ChemiDoc MP System
Imager ChemiDoc MP Imaging System ChemiDoc System
Detection type Multiplex fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and gel documentation Chemiluminescence and gel documentation
Stain-free technology Yes Yes
Touch screen/ embedded computer Yes Yes
Gel format Mini precast gels Midi precast gels Mini precast gels Midi precast gels
Catalog number 17001395 17001389 17001403 17001390

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