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KnowItAll UV-Vis Edition

KnowItAll® UV-Vis Edition

Bio-Rad's award-winning KnowItAll software offers comprehensive solutions for UV-Vis including:

  • Search
  • Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Reporting
  • More...

By integrating multiple toolsets, researchers can perform multiple tasks in relationship to their UV-Vis data—and ultimately extract greater knowledge from it.

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KnowItAll Demo Movies

KnowItAll Demo Movies

View over 60 demo movies to learn specific features of the KnowItAll software such as:

  • Spectral Searching
  • Creating Spectral Databases
  • Chemometrics
  • Reporting
  • More

KnowItAll Demo Movies

Webinar Recordings

KnowItAll® Webinar Recordings

View recent and past webinars on topics such as:

  • KnowItAll for Beginners
  • Identifying Difficult IR Spectra
  • IR Polymer Interpretation
  • Mixture Analysis of Spectra
  • IR & Raman Spectral Searching
  • Using Chemometrics to Analyze Spectral Data
  • NMR Prediction & Spectral Search

KnowItAll Demo Movies

Register for Webinars

Register for Webinars

Bio-Rad offers several webinars throughout the year on topics such as:

  • Spectral Search
  • Mixture Analysis
  • Polymer Interpretation
  • Spectral Identification
  • Spectral Data Management
  • More...

KnowItAll Demo Movies

Bio-Rad's award-winning KnowItAll Informatics System - Analytical Edition offers spectroscopy software for UV-Vis and mulitple techniques.

The software package includes the following tools for UV-Vis:

  • Automatic Calculation of Extinction Coefficients
  • UV-Vis Spectral Search
  • UV-Vis Spectral Data Management
  • Chemical Structure Drawing - ChemWindow
  • Reporting Tools
  • Patented Ovelap Density Heatmap Technology for Data Visualization

The KnowItAll UV-Vis software, combined with Bio-Rad's KnowItAll UV-Vis Spectral Library, helps chemists extract even greater knowledge from their UV-Visible data.

Bio-Rad's UV-Vis spectroscopy software supports file formats from multiple UV-Vis instrument vendors.

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