trUView Cuvettes

trUView Cuvettes


Spectral Scan of a trUView Cuvette
Spectral Scan of a trUView Cuvette

Scan shows light transmission from 220 nm to 1,000 nm. The high transmission at 260 nm allows accurate quantitation of nucleic acids.

Assays Using trUView vs. Quartz Cuvettes
Assays Using trUView vs. Quartz Cuvettes

Calf thymus DNA was prepared at three different concentrations. Samples were read in two different cuvettes in triplicate. Assays were performed using the SmartSpec Plus spectrophotometer. Comparisons were made to Bio-Rad's submicrovolume cuvettes (catalog #170-2505). Error bars show standard deviation.

Compatibilty With Spectrophotometers
Laboratories SmartSpec
Laboratories SmartSpec
GeneQuant Pro

Note: Spectrophotometer must have a light-path height (z-dimension) of 8.5 mm.

For spectrophotometers that have a light-path height (z-dimension) of 15 mm, an optional height adaptor is available (170-2512).

The adaptor can be inserted into the base of the instrument's cell holder and removed using a simple tool.

The adaptor will adjust the cuvette height so that the optical window is aligned with the light beam of instruments with a 15 mm light beam height.

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Bio-Rad's trUView cuvettes are disposable, UV-transparent cuvettes that are suitable for most UV and visible spectroscopic assays. The highly transparent trUView cuvettes require as little as 50 µl of sample for accurate and precise quantitation of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Each trUView cuvette is molded from a highly transparent plastic resin designed to minimize absorption of UV light. As much as 70% light transmission is achieved at 260 nm, ensuring accurate quantitation of nucleic acids.

Use trUView cuvettes to completely replace quartz cuvettes or as a supplement to their use when working with precious DNA or RNA samples. trUView cuvettes are individually packaged and guaranteed to be DNase and RNase free, so precious sample may be recovered from the cuvette and used for additional assays.

Key Features

  • Suitable for assays from 220 to 1,100 nm
  • Reduced sample volume (as little as 50 µl) conserves limited sample
  • Individually packaged to prevent scratching and contamination
  • Up to 70% light transmission at 260 nm, ensuring accurate nucleic acid quantitation


Outer dimensions (W x D x H) 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm
Path length 10 mm
Functional wavelength range 220 – 1,100 nm
Baseline absorbance ≤0.3 AU at 260 nm
Variability ≤15 mAU at 260 nm
Functional volume 50–1,500 µl

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(Discontinued) trUView Cuvettes

Pkg of 50, individually packaged, disposable UV-transparent cuvettes, DNase and RNase free, volume range 50–1,500 μl

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
Height Adaptor

15 mm trUView cuvette height adaptor

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