Total Polyvalent Antiserum

Total Polyvalent Antiserum

Bio-Rad offers a complete product line of antisera for the serotyping of pathogenic Salmonella species. Salmonella species are serotyped according to their O (somatic) antigens, Vi (capsular) antigens, and H (flagellar) antigens. The antigenic formula of Salmonella serotypes are listed in the Kauffman-White scheme and are expressed as follows: O antigens; Vi when present; H antigens phase 1; H antigens phase 2 (when present).

Features and Benefits of Salmonella Total Polyvalent Antiserum

  • Immediate serotyping of Salmonella after isolation
  • Agglutination results in 1–10 seconds with 1 drop of antiserum
  • Preliminary identification of Salmonella by somatic antigen O, groups A–60

Applications and Uses of Salmonella Antisera

  • Identification of Salmonella serotypes after enrichment on a nonselective agar medium
  • Polyvalent and monovalent antisera can be used in succession to identify Salmonella serovars

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(Discontinued) Salmonella Omni-O Antiserum (A–60)

Pkg of 1, 3 ml vial, enough for 60 tests

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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FSD_14-0699 Bacterial Serotyping Guide for Salmonella Click to download
FSD_14-0700 Salmonella Serotyping Quick Guide Click to download

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