SymApps - Symmetry & Point Group Analysis

SymApps - Software for Symmetry Analysis & 3D Molecular Rendering

KnowItAll's SymApps is professional symmetry analysis and 3D molecular rendering program within the KnowItAll software. A modified MM2 force field minimization module converts 2D structure drawings to 3D in seconds. SymApps calculates, displays, and animates the symmetry for a molecule including rotation axis, mirror planes, and inversion centers. Users can also create movies—for example, of rotations about an axis or for animation of a particular symmetry operation—and export them as .avi files and allows users to calculate crucial information such as point groups, bond lengths, angles, and more.

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SymApps Tools for 3D Visualization, Display of Symmetry Elements, & Point Group Computation

*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages. Types of data supported will depend on the "edition" of KnowItAll and options licensed.