SsoFast™ EvaGreen® Control Assay

SsoFast EvaGreen Control Assay


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SsoFast™ EvaGreen®
control assay


The SsoFast™ EvaGreen® control assay is a predesigned kit that allows you to control your experimental conditions, making the kit ideal for training new users on real-time qPCR or verifying the performance of your real-time PCR system. You can verify the consistency of your results from run to run or day to day. Also, you can verify the thermal and optical performance of your real-time PCR systems to meet your regulatory needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency results — the control assay demonstrates high efficiency over a broad dynamic range from 102 to 108 copies
  • Rapid instrument performance validation — the kit has been prevalidated for use on the CFX96 Touch™, CFX384 Touch™, MiniOpticon™, and CFX Connect™ real-time PCR detection systems
  • Straightforward protocol — includes instructions for setting up a dilution series to create a standard curve
  • Training tool — the convenient format with template, predesigned primers, and a recommended thermal cycling protocol makes it easy to use for training new users on real-time PCR setup, instrument operation, and data analysis

Applications and Uses

  • Training new users on real-time PCR
  • Verifying the performance of a real-time PCR system
Storage at –20°C Up to 6 months
Storage at 4°C (after thawing) Up to 6 months
Kit contents SsoFast™ EvaGreen® supermix, 2x
Control assay DNA template, 108 copies/µl
Control assay primer mix, 100x (50 µm each primer)
Nuclease-free water

Reagent quantities provided are sufficient to run a standard curve three times, or up to two hundred 20 µl reactions.
(Discontinued) SsoFast™ EvaGreen® Control Assay

Predesigned kit for verifying performance of real-time PCR systems or training new users, includes template DNA, primers, supermix, water

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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