SearchIt - Database Searching

SearchIt - Software to Search Databases with Spectra, Chromatograms, Structures, Properties*

KnowItAll's SearchIt application allows data such as spectra, chromatograms, or structures to be imported and searched against licensed reference databases, as well as against user generated databases. Searches are fully customizable and are driven by a state of the art algorithms. Search by structure, substructure, name and properties, spectra, peak, or any combination.

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*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages. Types of data accessible depend on the version of KnowItAll, options licensed and databases licensed.

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Number Description Options
INF-Reprint_001 Reprint: A New Approach to Simultaneous Raman and IR Spectral Searches (Spectroscopy Magazine, June 2005) Click to download
INF-94038 Application Note: Search Strategies for IR Spectra - Why Bother Looking Beyond the First Hit? It's the First Hit - It Must be Right Click to download