ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Total Protein)


The ReadyPrep protein extraction kit (total protein) provides a simple, rapid, and reproducible method for preparation of total cellular protein extracts from a wide variety of biological samples. Use of this kit generates protein samples that can be applied directly to a variety of applications, including IEF and 2-D gel separation.

The ReadyPrep protein extraction kit (total protein):

  • Includes a strongly chaotropic extraction solution containing the zwitterionic detergent ASB-14
  • Provides reagents for up to 20 extractions, each using 50–100 mg of cells or tissue
  • Can easily be scaled up to accommodate larger amounts of cells or tissue
  • Generates total protein samples in about 45 minutes



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ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Total Protein)

20 preps, general purpose protein preparation kit, includes strong detergent ASB-14

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