ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic/Nuclear)


The ReadyPrep protein extraction kit (cytoplasmic/nuclear) prepares fractions enriched in cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins from eukaryotic samples, such as cultured cells and tissues.

The ReadyPrep protein extraction kit (cytoplasmic/nuclear):

  • Employs a specially formulated buffer and differential centrifugation to isolate intact nuclei (Dignam et al. 1983, Zerivitz and Akusjarvi 1989)
  • Contains a strongly chaotropic extraction buffer to efficiently solubilize nuclear proteins
  • Includes the components of the ReadyPrep 2-D cleanup kit to remove compounds from the extraction buffer that may interfere with IEF

Dignam JD et al. (1983). Accurate transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II in a soluble extract from isolated mammalian nuclei. Nucleic Acid Res 11, 1475–1489.

Zerivitz K and Akusjarvi G (1989). An improved nuclear extract preparation method. Gene Anal Tech 6, 101–109.


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ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic/Nuclear), 50 preps
ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic/Nuclear), 50 preps

50 preps, includes 50 ml cytoplasmic protein extraction buffer (CPEB), 50 ml protein solubilization buffer, 25 g protein solubilization buffer (PSB), 30 ml PSB diluent, 1 ReadyPrep 2-D Cleanup Kit (1632130), instruction manual; for 50 extractions of 50 mg of cells or tissue

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4110147 Instruction Manual, ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic/Nuclear), Rev A Click to download
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