ReadyPrep™ 2-D Starter Kit



2-D Video Tutorial

The ReadyPrep™ 2-D starter kit is intended for first-time users of the PROTEAN® IEF cell and ReadyStrip™ IPG strips. The kit contains tested premixed reagents and a reference manual with technical tips, and it is designed to work with second-dimension cells.

The ReadyPrep 2-D starter kit includes all reagents needed to:

  • Prepare an E. coli protein sample for IEF
  • Rehydrate IPG strips with sample
  • Equilibrate IPG strips for SDS-PAGE
  • Overlay IPG strips with agarose on SDS-PAGE gels

Refer to the table below to order the appropriate strips and gels to use with the starter kit.

  Strip Length (Compatible Cell)
Accessory Product 7 cm (Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra) 11 cm (Criterion™) 17 cm (PROTEAN II)
2-D starter kit 163-2105 163-2105 163-2105
ReadyStrip IPG Strips, pH 4 – 7 163-2001 163-2015 163-2008
Tris-HCI gel, 8–16 % IPG well 161-1394

ReadyPrep™ 2-D Starter Kit

2-D gel electrophoresis kit, includes protein sample and buffers for IPG strip rehydration, focusing, and transfer to second dimension (IPG strips not included)

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E. coli Protein Sample

2.7 mg, lyophilized control sample for use in IEF applications

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Number Description Options
3095 2-D Electrophoresis: Tools for Rapid, High-Resolution Protein Separations Brochure, Rev B Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
2651 2-D Electrophoresis for Proteomics: A Methods and Product Manual, Rev F Click to download
4110009 Instruction Manual, ReadyPrep 2-D Starter Kit, Rev A Click to download
2642 ReadyPrep 2-D Starter Kit Product Information Sheet Click to download