RAPID'Enterococcus Agar for Water Testing

RAPID'<em>Enterococcus</em> Agar for Water Testing

RAPID'Enterococcus Agar for Water Testing is a selective chromogenic culture medium for the direct enumeration, without confirmation, of intestinal Enterococci (Lancefield group D) in water samples.

Intended Use

This selective media is designed for the detection and enumeration of Enterococci in water for human consumption and untreated water such as well water, lakes, and streams where there is abundant microbial flora.

Key Benefits

  • Complete results in about 44 hr
  • Excellent color contrast for rapid assessment of colonies
  • No confirmation step required
  • Ready-to-use medium


RAPID'Enterococcus Agar for Water Testing is based on the cleavage of the chromogenic substrate β-D-glucosidase by Enterococci colonies leading to a blue coloration. The combination of the selective media and the growth conditions (44°C) inhibits the growth of gram negative bacteria, and most gram positive bacteria other than Enterococci. Species detected include E. faecalis, E. faecium, E. durans and E. hirae, as well as other species of Enterococcus.

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