RAPID'Enterobacteriaceae Medium



Key Benefits
  • Quick-response: complete results in 24 hours
  • Easy to read: red colonies with high level of contrast
  • No confirmation required




Validated and Adapted for Food Detection

BRD 07/24-11/13
Certified by AFNOR Certification

The RAPID’Enterobacteriaceae protocol is certified by AFNOR Certification, according to the ISO 16140 requirements as an alternative method to the NF EN ISO 21528-2 reference standard, for the enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae under BRD 07/24-11/13

Nordval Validation Ref No032.

RAPID'Enterobacteriaceae is a high performance medium for the enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae. Through it's excellent selectivity, RAPID'Enterobacteriaceae provides a complete result in 24 hours without confirmation step. The combination of color indicators allows a high level of contrast and ensures an optimal reading of Enterobacteriaceae colonies.

The use of an automated colony counter increases the ease of reading and allows a full traceability for the laboratory.


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RAPID'Enterobacteriaceae Agar

ready-to-use, 200 ml x 6 bottles

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RAPID'Enterobacteriaceae Agar

dehydrated, 500 g

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FSD_16353 RAPID’Enterobacteriaceae Agar Product Information Sheet Click to download
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FSD_16288 RAPID’Chromogenic Media Brochure, Rev L Click to download
PF_158 RAPID’Chromogenic Methoden für die Lebensmittel- und Umweltanalytik, Rev C (Deutsch) Click to download
PF_159 Métodos RAPID’Chromogenic para Análisis de Alimentos y Medioambiente, Rev C (Español) Click to download
PF_160 Méthodes RAPID’Chromogenic pour les Tests Alimentaires et Environnementaux, Rev C (Français) Click to download
PF_161 Metodi RAPID’Chromogenic per Analisi Alimentari e Ambientali, Rev C (Italiano) Click to download
PF_162 Métodos RAPID’Cromogénicos para Testes Alimentares e Ambientais, Rev C (Português) Click to download
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