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High-Quality Raman Spectra Data

With over 9,700 high-quality Raman spectra and the addition of thousands of new spectra each year, Bio-Rad is the authoritative source for Raman spectra. Access all of the Raman databases listed below - plus Bio‑Rad's cutting-edge KnowItAll Raman ID Expert spectral identification software - for the fastest, most accurate answers possible for scientists identifying unknown Raman spectra.

Raman Spectra Databases Spectra  
Raman - Controlled & Prescription Drugs 1 - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 855  
Raman - Controlled & Prescription Drugs 2 - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 1,000  
Raman - Inorganics - Bio‑Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 1,630  
Raman - JASCO Spectra Libary 645  
Raman - Nutraceuticals Spectra Library 270  
Raman - Polymers & Monomers (Basic) - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 1,685  
Raman - Polymers & Processing Chemicals - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 500  
Raman - Standards 1 - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 1,000  
Raman - Standards 2 - Bio-Rad Sadtler Spectra Library 375  
Raman - Biomaterials - HORIBA Spectra Library 110  
Raman - Forensic - HORIBA Spectra Library 575  
Raman - Minerals - HORIBA Spectra Library 535  
Raman - Minerals (FT) - HORIBA Spectra Library 315  
Raman - Semiconductor Materials - HORIBA Spectra Library 210  



  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Unknown Raman spectra identification
  • Raman spectral interpretation using Raman spectral reference databases
  • Raman spectra analysis
  • Material characterization / Chemical classification of Raman spectra
  • Raman spectrum deconvolution / mixture analysis
  • Spectral searching Raman Spectra Library (Raman reference/Raman collection)