Raman Spectral Databases

Raman Spectral Databases


Spectroscopy Catalog
Spectroscopy Catalog

Bio-Rad is a world leader in spectral data and software. The catalog below provides an overview of the IR, Raman, NMR, MS, UV-Vis spectral databases and Spectroscopy Software for spectral identification, database building, management, search, analysis, prediction, chemometics, structure drawing, and reporting.

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KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library

Bio-Rad is the leading producer of the highest-quality Raman spectral databases with their renowned Sadtler databases. Their KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library offers access to over 24,000 Raman spectra—the world's largest collection!

  • Access a wide range of compounds including monomers, polymers, organic, and inorganic compounds
  • Along with spectra, records contain physical properties and structures when available
  • Search with Bio-Rad's KnowItAll software for fast, accurate spectral identification and software from multiple instrument vendors

A KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library subscription provides the most affordable option to access the largest and highest quality collection of Raman spectra available today, including the most recent spectra as they are added.

Subscription Options
Product Code Library Name Spectra
894010 KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library -includes the following:
993010 KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro - includes the following:
995010 KnowItAll IR/Raman Identification Pro - includes the following:
 24,000 Raman; 264,000 IR

All Raman Spectral Databases

Spectra from databases below are part of the KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library subscription. Databases that can also be purchased individually have a product code.

Raman Spectral Databases
Product Code Source Library Name Spectra Info Index
470300 Bio-Rad Sadtler Controlled & Prescription Drugs 1 855 PDF View
470600 Bio-Rad Sadtler Controlled & Prescription Drugs 2 995 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Controlled & Prescription Drugs 3 610 PDF View
477500 Bio-Rad Sadtler Flavors & Fragrances 600 PDF View
470200 Bio-Rad Sadtler Inorganics 1,630 PDF View
- JASCO JASCO Raman Library 645 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Nutraceuticals 470 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Organometallics 150 PDF View
470100 Bio-Rad Sadtler Polymers & Monomers (Basic) 1 1,680 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Polymers & Monomers (Basic) 2 245 PDF View
477000 Bio-Rad Sadtler Polymers & Processing Chemicals 495 PDF View
471100 Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 1 1,000 PDF View
471200 Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 2 1,000 PDF View
471300 Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 3 1,000 PDF View
471400 Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 4 1,000 PDF View
471500 Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 5 1,000 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 6 1,000 PDF View
- Bio-Rad Sadtler Standards 7 1,715 - View
- HORIBA Biomaterials 110 PDF View
- HORIBA Forensic 575 PDF View
- HORIBA Minerals 535 PDF View
- HORIBA Minerals (FT) 315 PDF View
- HORIBA Semiconductor Materials 210 PDF View
- Wiley Aldrich Library of Raman Spectra 6,485 PDF View

Applications: Raman spectroscopy, unknown Raman spectra identification, Raman spectral interpretation using Raman spectral reference databases, Raman spectra analysis, material characterization / chemical classification of Raman spectra, Raman spectrum deconvolution, Raman spectrum mixture analysis, spectral searching Raman spectra libraries (Raman reference/Raman collection)

Number Description Options
INF-210415 KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library Brochure Click to download
INF-96559 Bio-Rad Spectral Database & Software Catalog - English Click to download

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