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On July 6, 1885, Louis Pasteur was the first person to treat a patient bitten by a rabid animal by injecting extracts of virulent marrow in order to trigger the immune response: vaccination was born.

Over the years, the Institut Pasteur in Paris has maintained its leading and innovative role in the field of rabies treatment. Today, the reagents produced and marketed by Bio-Rad are the result of Institut Pasteur research and provide a reference for the detection and assaying of rabies antigens and antibodies.

The Rabies Virus

The rabies virus is a highly neurotropic virus that causes encephalitis in mammals and is usually fatal. It is still present in virtually all regions of the world.

Worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the number of human deaths to be about 50,000 annually, and over 94% of these deaths are caused by rabid dogs. Efforts to control rabies in dogs include the management of dog populations and vaccination programs.


Platelia Rabies II Kit ad usum veterinarium

The Platelia Rabies II kit ad usum veterinarium uses an ELISA technique intended for the detection and titration of rabies anti-glycoprotein antibodies in animal sera. Antibody titration in animals is used for:

  • Individual serology for international trade purposes: antibodies are measured to assess the immune response of vaccinated animals (for example, cats and dogs)
  • Confirmation of the vaccination status: control of the antibody response provides an indirect assessment of the effectiveness of oral vaccination campaigns in wildlife animals (for example, foxes)

Platelia Rabies II Kit

The Platelia Rabies II kit uses an ELISA technique intended for the detection and titration of rabies anti-glycoprotein antibodies in human sera.

Antibody titration in humans is used for:

  • Checking vaccinated people for individual response to immunization
  • Checking vaccinated people who have come in contact with rabid animals, since these individuals are usually revaccinated and submitted to serological titration before entering into the Post Exposure Treatment protocol
Assay type ELISA
Organism Rabies

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Platelia Rabies II Kit ad usum veterinarium #355-0180
Platelia Rabies II Kit ad usum veterinarium

ELISA assay for titration of anti-rabies antibodies in animal sera

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