Quality Control Spectra Software

Bio-Rad's QC Expert spectroscopy software for QC analysis of spectra

KnowItAll QC Expert

Bio-Rad's KnowItAll QC Expert - spectroscopy software for quality control - performs a rapid quality check of a sample IR or Raman spectrum against a “gold standard” reference spectrum to verify that a material meets control specifications.

  • Perform QC comparison of a sample spectrum to a selected reference spectrum
  • Validate results by also comparing the sample to a reference database to ensure the sample not only matches the selected reference spectrum, but that it also does not match anything else in the database
  • Define user privileges, reference data, and other settings to ensure technicians follow set protocols and focus on output
  • Identify problems with the sample spectrum - QC Expert's built-in spectral intelligence identifies issues and suggests ways to fix them
  • Generate tamper-evident, digitally-signed reports
  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant
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INF-280133 KnowItAll QC Expert Brochure Click to download