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Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology

Proper study and experimental design coupled with the correct data analysis approach are critical components of successful biomarker discovery, no matter which technology, platform, or workflow is used. Bio-Rad has produced two in-depth guides to provide researchers with strategies for success.

The first guide, Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology — A Guide to Successful Study and Experimental Design, provides a series of general guidelines for effective study design using virtually any proteomics technology, and gives specific recommendations for using the ProteinChip surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI) system. This guide also includes:

  • Guidelines for proper sample selection, collection, handling, and storage
  • Instructions for planning the experimental workflow
  • Tips on improving reproducibility through standard operating procedures
  • Important considerations for data analysis implementation
  • Optimized methods and protocols for serum or plasma analysis

The second guide, Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology — A Guide to Data Processing and Analysis Using ProteinChip Data Manager Software, is a comprehensive resource for data analysis workflows, guidelines, and specific recommendations for analyzing biomarker discovery data. The guide covers:

  • General data analysis workflows
  • Data organization
  • Data processing steps, including baseline subtraction, normalization, and spectrum alignment
  • Statistical analysis using P values and ROC curves, hierarchical clustering, and principal component analysis
  • Glossary of software terms

ProteinChip serum fractionation kits are used to generate profiles from serum samples with the objective of discovering new biomarkers. These kits provide all the necessary reagents and ProteinChip arrays needed to generate profiles from serum samples.

ProteinChip serum fractionation kits include a 96-well filter plate filled with anion exchange media. The filter plate is used to separate the serum sample into six fractions (from each well) containing proteins roughly separated on the basis of isoelectric point (pI). Highly abundant proteins are segregated into a limited number of fractions, reducing signal suppression effects on proteins of lower abundance. This increases the number of peaks detected and the probability of novel biomarker discovery.

Two versions of the ProteinChip serum fractionation kit are available:

  • ProteinChip serum fractionation kit — includes the anion exchange filter plate for serum fractionation by pI
  • ProteinChip serum fractionation starter kit — includes the anion exchange filter plate for fractionation, as well as a selection of ProteinChip arrays (reverse-phase H50 array, metal affinity capture IMAC30 array, and weak cation exchange CM10 array) and buffers for profiling; binding and washing buffers have been optimized for biomarker discovery

Individual components of these kits are also available, allowing maximum flexibility in study design.

Benefits of kits include:

  • Improved results — fractionation and the use of optimal binding buffers increase the probability that new biomarkers will be discovered
  • Proven protocols — supplied with the kits, these have been validated by researchers working on a wide range of applied research projects
  • High-throughput capability — fractionation is performed in a 96-well format, enabling robotic automation or use of multichannel pipets
  • Convenience — media is preloaded into the filtration plate, eliminating the need for mixing while filling the plate; all buffers for fractionation, binding, and washing are premade to save time
  • Flexibility — kits can be used manually or with automation
  • Consistency — buffers are premade and pH-tested to ensure they are within 0.05 of the specified pH for reproducible results; an antimicrobial preservative ensures reliable performance
  • Ease of use — step-by-step protocols are provided with kits
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5530 ProteinChip SELDI System Brochure, Rev A Click to download
5524 ProteinChip Arrays and Reagents Product Information Sheet, Rev C Click to download
10008245 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip Serum Fractionation Kit, Rev D Click to download