ProteinChip Fractionation and Purification Products


ProteinChip fractionation and purification products are used for applications before and after sample analysis on ProteinChip arrays. Before analysis, they can be used to fractionate a sample to reduce its complexity and increase the likelihood of identifying low-abundance proteins. After analysis and biomarker identification, these products, which have chromatographic properties that mimic the binding and elution characteristics of ProteinChip arrays, can be used to purify proteins discovered on array surfaces.

ProteinChip Spin Columns
ProteinChip spin columns are used for small-scale purification of proteins using a microcentrifuge.

  • ProteinChip Q spin columns — anion exchange spin columns that fractionate samples based on pI through a quaternary amine functionality
  • ProteinChip CM spin columns — cation exchange spin columns that fractionate samples based on pI through a carboxymethyl functionality
  • ProteinChip IMAC spin columns — used for purifying recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins (when loaded with Ni2+) or phosphorylated proteins and peptides (when loaded with Ga3+ or Fe3+); IMAC sorbent chelates metal ions based on iminodiacetic acid functionality


ProteinChip Q Filtration Plate
The ProteinChip Q filtration plate is a 96-well filtration plate filled with Q ceramic sorbent for sample preparation and purification using a vacuum manifold. The plate separates proteins by anion exchange, based on pI, using a quaternary amine functionality. Fractionation with the ProteinChip Q filtration plate facilitates the analysis of complex biological samples by enriching low-abundance proteins prior to analysis with ProteinChip arrays.

Number Description Options
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10008256 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip CM Spin Columns, Rev C Click to download
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