ProteinChip Antibody Capture Kit

Antibody-Based Kits

The ProteinChip antibody capture kit enables the capture and differentiation of multiple antigens based on molecular weight using the ProteinChip SELDI system. It eliminates the laborious assay development and optimization steps typically required to evaluate antibody-antigen interactions.

Use the ProteinChip antibody capture kit to conduct epitope discovery experiments by first proteolytically cleaving proteins captured on ProteinChip arrays (on-chip proteolysis) and then using SELDI to highlight the peptide(s) associated with the epitope. This streamlines the process of sequencing the protein binding site via tandem mass spectrometry


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(Discontinued) ProteinChip Antibody Capture Kit

Kit contains antibody, antigen, reagents, controls, 6 ProteinChip PG20 arrays, and ProteinChip SPA matrix

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
Number Description Options
5530 ProteinChip SELDI System Brochure, Rev A Click to download
5524 ProteinChip Arrays and Reagents Product Information Sheet, Rev C Click to download
10008252 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip Antibody Capture Kit, Rev D Click to download

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