Protein Electrophoresis Classroom Lab Set 2


Build your biotech laboratory step-by-step with research-quality electrophoresis lab sets and provide the very best molecular biology experiences for your students, year after year. Add additional modules as your program grows.

This complete set includes equipment and accessories for supporting up to 32 students and is capable of running the following Biotechnology Explorer™ kits:

  • Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module
  • Comparative Proteomics Kit II: Western Blot Module
  • pGLO™ Kit SDS-PAGE Extension
  • GMO Investigator™ Kit

This classroom lab set includes:

1 PowerPac™ Basic power supply
4 professional adjustable-volume digital micropipets, 2–20 µl range
4 Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra cells for Ready Gel® precast gels; 2-gel system includes electrode assembly, tank, lid with power cables, and mini cell buffer dam
4 10-well gel-loading guides


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Protein Electrophoresis Classroom Lab Set 2

120/220 V, lab equipment package, includes PowerPac Basic power supply, 4 Tetra cell electrophoresis modules, 4 professional digital adjustable-volume micropipets, for 32 students; education use only

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