PROTEAN® i12™ IEF System



PROTEAN® i12™ Reporter Web Application

PROTEAN i12 Reporter web application — effortless data analysis and protocol creation

  • The PROTEAN i12 Reporter is a free web-based application for creating graphs and reports from the run data generated by the system
  • Use the web application to create protocols and transfer them back into the instrument

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PROTEAN® i12™ IEF System Tour

12 Lanes. Individual Control. Total Confidence.


Simultaneously run 12 lanes, each with different samples, pH gradients, and protocols

  • Optimize experiments in fewer runs
  • Run multiple samples at once
  • Get more reproducible results

Learn how to:

  • Assemble trays, electrodes, and
    load samples
  • Use the easy touch-screen control to program and operate the system
  • Use the free web-based application for data analysis and protocol design

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PROTEAN® i12™ IEF Cell Specifications
Input Power 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Fuse 2 ea. 6.3 amp time delay 5 × 20 mm
Power Input IEC 60320 standard cord set with ground
Voltage 0.50–10,000 V, 1 V increments per lane
Current 0–100 µA, 1 µA intervals per lane
Power 0–1 W per lane
Peltier Platform
Tray capacity 1 tray
Temperature 10–25ºC ± 0.5ºC @ max. ambient temperature 23ºC
  15–25ºC ± 0.5ºC @ max. ambient temperature 31ºC
Focusing Trays
Material Polycarbonate
IPG strip length 7, 11, 13, 17, 18, and 24 cm
Capacity 1–12 IPG strips per tray
Max. channel volume 7 cm: 7 ml; 11 cm: 10 ml; 13 cm: 11.2 ml;
  17 cm: 14.2 ml; 18 cm: 15.2 ml; 24 cm: 20.2 ml
Rehydration/Equilibration Trays
Material Polystyrene
IPG strip length 7, 11, 13, 17, 18, and 24 cm
Capacity 1–12 IPG strips per tray
Max. channel volume 7 cm: 6.8 ml; 11 cm: 9.6 ml; 13 cm: 10.5 ml;
  17 cm: 14.2 ml: 18 cm: 16 ml; 24 cm: 19 ml
Environmental Requirements
For indoor use only, at altitudes of up to 1829 m (6000 ft)
Operate at 10–35ºC ambient temperature, with maximum 90% relative humidity
Safety EN 61010-1, UL STD No. 61010-1, CAN/CSA
  C22.2, No. 61010-1-04, IEC 61010-1
EMC EN 61326 Class A
  Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, General Requirements
Dimensions (W × D × H) 46 × 34.5 × 18.5 cm (18.1 × 13.6 × 7.3 in)
Weight 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
User Interface
Display QVGA resolution (320 × 240) touch screen or mouse control
Programmable Yes
Ramping Step, linear, gradual, and hold voltage ramping used for each focusing step. Hold mode as a final step to prevent diffusion when focusing is complete
Protocol capacity 2 GB, storage of approximately 20,000 data and protocol files
Data collection .DAT file format
PROTEAN® i12™ IEF Cell Trays

i12 Focusing Trays

  • Focusing trays hold 1 to 12 IPG strips and are available in 7 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, and 24 cm sizes
  • The removable electrode assemblies fit with all tray sizes and allow running both in the gel-side up and gel-side down orientations
  • Sample cup holders clip on to all trays to allow sample cup loading
  • Durable polycarbonate trays ensure reliable heat transfer for accurate and reproducible pI determination
  • Each tray comes with 2 IPG strip retainers to keep the strips in contact with the electrode assemblies in gel-side down applications

i12 Rehydration/Equilibration Trays

  • Separate rehydration/equilibration trays increase throughput — run one set of samples while rehydrating a second set
  • Multipurpose trays can be used to store focused IPG strips at –20°C prior to the second-dimension run
  • After rehydration, transfer the strips directly to the focusing tray and skip the step of removing residual rehydration buffer before the run
Cup Loading for the PROTEAN® i12™ IEF System

Cup loading expands the range of options for first-dimension IEF using the PROTEAN i12 IEF system. This loading method can be used to optimize focusing of proteins in extreme pH ranges. The new design allows the disposable cups to easily snap in and out of the holder. Cups can be added or removed for use with only the strips you choose. The holder is designed so that the cup exerts the perfect amount of pressure on the IPG strip; the cup won’t leak and the gel won’t be damaged. The cup holder simply clips on to any of the i12 focusing trays. Up to 400 µl of sample can be loaded into each sample cup.

Sample cup insertion and setup of sample cup holder with the i12 focusing tray

2-D Video Tutorial

The PROTEAN i12 IEF system is designed for isoelectric focusing (IEF) proteins in immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips for the first dimension of two-dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis. The PROTEAN i12 IEF cell can run 1–12 IPG strips in 7, 11, 13, 17, 18, or 24 cm focusing trays. Each channel in the isoelectric focusing tray is independently powered, enabling precise control over each IPG strip. This feature makes it possible to run different sample types, different pH gradients, and multiple protocols simultaneously.

Learn more about isoelectric focusing with the PROTEAN i12 IEF system.

Features and Benefits of the PROTEAN i12 IEF System

  • Optimize experiments in fewer runs — the PROTEAN i12 IEF system has the unique ability to run channels under multiple conditions in a single run. Different samples, protocols, and pH gradients can be run simultaneously.
  • Obtain higher-quality data with less experimental risk — each channel is independent, so one irregular sample can no longer compromise the entire run.
  • Easy, intuitive programming — easily run, create, and edit isoelectric focusing protocols from the touch screen user interface. Preprogrammed protocols stored in the internal memory serve as a convenient starting point for developing optimized sample-specific IEF conditions.
  • Run gel side up, gel side down, or with loading cups — focusing trays and electrode assemblies accommodate all possible gel configurations.

Applications and Uses of the PROTEAN i12 IEF System

Isoelectric focusing is the first dimension of 2-D electrophoresis, a powerful technique used for the visualization and identification of proteins. The PROTEAN i12 IEF system can be used for a number of applications including the following:

  • 2-D electrophoresis and analysis
  • Protein profiling — analysis of complex protein mixtures
  • Biomarker discovery — discovery/identification of specific targets and markers
  • Functional proteomics — structure, interactions, and function

More Information

PROTEAN i12 Reporter, a free web-based application found at, can be used to upload run data files, view electronic profiles for individual lanes, and compare sample profiles from different runs. The application can be used to generate reports, print graphs, and create protocols. Protocols created with the application can be transferred to the PROTEAN i12 IEF cell using a USB flash drive.

Bio-Rad offers a complete selection of products to simplify your 2-D electrophoresis workflow and ensure high-quality results. Select from optimized kits and reagents for protein sample preparation, including kits designed for protein sample cleanup to remove contaminants from your samples prior to 2-D electrophoresis. Select the best ReadyStrip™ IPG strip pH gradient and strip length options for your applications. For comprehensive solutions and suggestions for 2-D gel issues, see Troubleshooting 2-D Gels with 2-D Doctor™. Watch the 2-D Tutorial Video to learn how to run great 2-D gels with practical tips from the proteomics experts at Bio-Rad. Bio-Rad’s PDQuest™ 2-D analysis software provides tools for comprehensive and flexible 2-D gel electrophoretic analysis.

Visit the Applications & Technologies pages to learn more about protein electrophoresis and the unique 2-D electrophoresis technologies found in Bio-Rad instruments.


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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

PROTEAN i12 IEF system
PROTEAN® i12™ IEF system

Isoelectric focusing system, includes basic unit, electrode assemblies, focusing and rehydration/equilibration trays, forceps, electrode wicks, mineral oil, cleaning accessories, IPG strips and sample/rehydration buffer, USB flash drives, styluses

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PROTEAN® i12™ IEF Cell

Isoelectric focusing cell, includes basic unit, electrode assemblies, and 3 styluses. Focusing trays and other accessories sold separately.

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