ProcessIt NMR - NMR Spectrum Processing

ProcessIt NMR - Software to Process NMR Spectra

With KnowItAll's ProcessIt NMR, researchers can seamlessly import, process, and analyze NMR spectra from various sources to improve the quality of archived data and search results. With this application, one can execute multiple-step processing either step-by-step or by using a macro capability to accomplish in batch mode.

Features in ProcessIt NMR include:

  • Import 1D processed or FID spectra from multiple formats
  • Processing features: zero filling, interactive window functions, and Fourier transform
  • Automatic and manual phase correction
  • Automatic and manual baseline correction, includes polynomial, spline, linear, and FaceLift algorithms
  • Automatic and manual peak picking
  • Automatic and manual integration
  • Addition and subtraction of spectra
  • Automatic alignment of multiple spectra by correcting reference offsets
  • Interactive suppression of solvent peak(s)
  • Overlay multiple spectra for easy comparison
  • Macro capability for quick and efficient processing
  • Export in JCAMP format
  • Spectrum handling tools, such as horizontal zoom, box zoom, hand cursor, and scaling
  • Customizable display integrated with MineIt for easy batch processing and archiving of processed spectra, ReportIt to create reports containing spectra, peak, and integral tables, and SearchIt for spectral searches
  • Local and global spectral alignment
  • Peak distance measurement
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How to Import and Process 1D NMR files

*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages.

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