Polymer IR Functional Group Analysis



KnowItAll® AnalyzeIt Polymer IR

KnowItAl AnalyzeIt Polymer IR

IR Functional Group Analysis Software for Polymer

KnowItAll's AnalyzeIt Polymer IR is an application developed to aid in the interpretation of the bands in an infrared spectrum specifically for polymeric compounds.

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IR Polymer Functional Group Analysis - Spectroscopy Software to Classify Infrared Spectra of Polymers

KnowItAll's AnalyzeIt Polymer IR is a unique application developed specifically to assist in the identification and classification of commercial polymers.

  • Simply load a spectrum and click a peak to see all functional groups possible at that peak position
  • Compare peak regions for each group by overlaying with the spectrum and narrow results by tagging the most likely functional groups
  • Features a knowledgebase of over 100 functional groups and hundreds of interpretation frequencies
  • Now users can also build their own knowledgebases to include in the spectral interpretation

Applications: polymer spectral interpretation, polymer classification, polymer spectral analysis, material characterization, pattern characterization of polymers, unknown polymer identification, functional group analysis.

Available as an option in Bio-Rad's KnowItAll spectroscopy software packages.