pGLO™ Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology

pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology

Introducing pGLO Transformation and Inquiry for AP Biology: A ThINQ! Investigation, an inquiry-based kit designed to make students think.

Developed with master AP teachers, Bio-Rad's pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology includes five investigative labs in one kit to provide teachers with the tools and resources they need to guide students through the process of scientific discovery while developing their skills and gaining the knowledge that will help prepare them for success on the AP exam.

Students explore the process of bacterial transformation (genetic engineering) using Bio-Rad's exclusive pGLO plasmid. Then, you or your students choose to design and conduct a series of four additional inquiry investigations that explore the effects of changes in scientific design and challenge their understanding of the principles surrounding bacterial transformation.

Features and Benefits

By proceeding through multiple levels of inquiry exploration — from structured to guided to open inquiry — the pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit facilitates a new level of teaching and scientific discovery that engages students, promotes critical thinking and active learning, and encourages collaboration in the classroom.

The focus is not solely on achieving predetermined results; rather, the curriculum involves students making observations, raising questions, and designing scientific experiments to explore the world around them.

This AP-aligned curriculum includes the following:

  • Reagents, protocols, and background information for the classic pGLO Bacterial Transformation Lab plus four additional inquiry investigations
  • Prelaboratory activities that help students develop relevant and valid questions
  • Postlaboratory activities that use real-world data and ask students to analyze and discuss their findings
  • Essential knowledge, learning objectives, and science practices aligned with the 2012 AP curriculum to cover AP Big Ideas 1 and 3 and cross-cut to Big Ideas 2 and 4.
  • A successful teacher model process to assist you in implementing inquiry
  • A science case study that includes a relevant and engaging real-world story about bacterial transformation

How It Works

The kit curriculum is divided into several stages and levels of inquiry:

  • Bacterial transformation lab (structured inquiry) — this activity introduces the basics of bacterial transformation, data collection, and analysis of transformation efficiency. The variables that can affect transformation efficiency and other aspects of bacterial transformation are introduced and discussed, setting the stage for the series of four guided or open inquiry investigations
  • Inquiry investigation labs (guided or open inquiry) — these four guided and open inquiry labs are separate investigations; you choose which to perform and when. These activities extend the knowledge gained in the bacterial transformation lab as they guide students through designing their own experiments and communicating their results
    • Transformation efficiency: test variables and investigate their effects on transformation efficiency
    • Effect of ampicillin on bacterial growth: investigate the effects of different amounts of this antibiotic on bacterial growth
    • Effect of arabinose on GFP expression: investigate the effects of different amounts of this inducer on transgene expression
    • Satellite colonies: investigate the nature of satellite colonies, why they form and what they mean
  • Class discussion: science case study — the student case study connects the scientific knowledge students have gained with current issues in biological research that are related to bacterial transformation
Kit Contents Kit contains sufficient materials for 8 student workstations (2–4 students per workstation)
E. coli strain HB101 K-12, lyophilized 1
Plasmid (pGLO), lyophilized 2
Ampicillin, lyophilized, 30 mg 3
Arabinose, lyophilized, 600 mg 3
CaCl2 transformation solution, 15 ml 2
LB nutrient broth, sterile, 10 ml 1
Blank disks, sterile, 50/vial 1
LB nutrient agar powder 2
LB broth capsules 1
Microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0 ml, sterile 90
Foam floats 8
UV pen light 1
Disposable plastic transfer pipets (DPTPs) 100
Inoculation loops, sterile 80
Petri dishes, 60 mm, sterile 80
AP Biology, Instructor's Guide 1

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pGLO Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology
pGLO™ Transformation and Inquiry Kit for AP Biology

5-in-1 kit, includes reagents for transformation plus 4 inquiry investigations. 8 workstations of transformation, then 4 workstations of inquiry; 32 students. Teacher manual included; education use only

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