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Intuitive Programming

The 5.7'' high-resolution touch screen makes it easy to create a protocol, start a run, or manage files, so you spend less time programming.


  • Save time with streamlined graphical programming
  • Stay organized with personalized folders
  • Effortlessly transfer protocols among instruments using a USB flash drive
  • Get started quicker with the built-in library of standard protocols for long PCR, fast PCR, reverse transcription PCR, and more
Home screen.   New Protocol screen.


Thermal Gradient 

Optimize Reactions in a Single Run

Thermal gradient technology allows you to quickly optimize your PCR assays in a single run by simultaneously testing eight different temperatures across a range of up to 25°C. The optimal annealing temperature for a PCR assay maximizes yield while preventing the formation of nonspecific products. The dynamic ramping technology adjusts the cycler ramp rate, ensuring that the incubation times across the eight rows during a gradient step are identical.

Optimization of an assay results in better yields and specificity. Results show that assays A and B can be run at an annealing temperature of 57.9°C on the same plate. Higher temperatures result in a reduced yield in assay A while lower temperatures result in nonspecific products in assay B. M, markers.

The T100 thermal cycler offers a user-friendly interface with the reliability and performance that you expect from Bio-Rad. Thermal gradient technology makes it easy to optimize your reactions in a single run. The 96-well sample block and self-adjusting heated lid accommodate standard tubes, tube strips, and plates.

Key Features

  • Save time programming with the intuitive touch screen
  • Get superior results faster by optimizing your PCR assays in a single run using a thermal gradient
  • Save valuable benchspace with the compact design
  • Keep your protocols organized using personalized folders or a USB flash drive
  • Get reliable performance for years with a robust design that protects the thermoelectric components of the cycler


Thermal Cycler  
Sample capacity 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, 0.2 ml tube strips, or 1 x 96-well plate
Maximum ramp rate, °C/sec 4
Average ramp rate, °C/sec 2.5
Temperature range 4–100°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C of programmed target
Temperature uniformity ±0.5°C well-to-well within 30 sec of arrival at target temperature
Input power 100–150 VAC, 50–60 Hz; 220–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz; 670 W maximum
Display 5.7'' VGA color touch screen
Port 1 USB A
Memory 500 typical programs; unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
Dimensions (W x D x H)  26 x 47 x 23 cm (10 x 18 x 9'')
Weight  9 kg (20 lb)
Gradient accuracy ±0.5°C of programmed temperature
Row uniformity ±0.5°C well-to-well (within row) within 30 sec
Gradient range 30–100°C
Temperature differential range 1–25°C

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

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T100™ Thermal Cycler

Thermal cycler system, includes 96-well thermal cycler, power cord, tube support ring; educational use only

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