Nucleic Acid Purification



Freeze 'N Squeeze DNA Gel Extraction Kit
Application DNA from agarose gels: Recovery of DNA fragments (50–23 kb) purified from TAE- or TBE-buffered agarose gels
Starting material ≤700 mg gel slice
Format Spin-column extraction of frozen-thawed gel slices
Recovery 4–23 kb: > 80% recovery
  0.5–4 kb: > 70% recovery
  50–500 bp: > 50% recovery
Time Required < 10 min

PCR Kleen Spin Purification columns
Method Size exclusion chromatography in spin column
Application Removal of nucleic acids <32 bases and other reaction mixture components from PCR products >200 bp
Capacity 25–100 µl
Equilibration buffer 10 mm Tris, 1 mM EDTA, pH 7.4
Sample preparation time <4 min
Yield 50–80% recovery

Aurum Total RNA Mini Kit
  Mini Kit
Format Mini Column; Filtration — vacuum or spin
Sample types and maximum starting amounts
  Cultured cells 2 x 106
  Bacterial cells 2.4 x 109
  Yeast cells 3 x 107
  Hard animal tissue 20 mg
  Soft to moderately hard animal tissue 40 mg
  Plant tissue 40 mg
Isolation method Silica membrane
Number of preps 10* or 50 mini preps
Number of washes 3
DNase 1 Included; removal not required
DNase 1 digest time 15 min (25 min for animal tissue)
Binding capacity >100 µg
Elution volume 2 x 40 µl
Yield** 28 µg/2 x 106 NIH 3T3
  38 µg/2 x 106 HeLa
  20 µg/40 mg brain
  52 µg/20 mg thymus
  132 µg/40 mg spleen
  36 µg/40 mg lung
  32 µg/40 mg potato
  28 µg/3 x 107 S. cerevisiae
  54 µg/2.4 x 109 E. coli
Purity A260/A280 of 1.9–2.1

*Trial sizes of the Aurum total RNA mini kit and Aurum total RNA fatty and fibrous tissue kit are available. For more information, contact your local Bio-Rad sales representative.
** Yields will vary depending on the developmental stage, tissue type or cell line, and growth conditions used.

Additional Product Descriptions

Crude Genomic DNA for PCR: InstaGene Matrix
InstaGene matrix, composed of specially formulated Chelex resin, makes DNA sample preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective, providing PCR-quality template DNA from crude genomic preps in less than 1 hour. The InstaGene matrix adsorbs cell lysis products and removes inhibitors such as magnesium ions that interfere with the PCR amplification process. Simply place cells in a microcentrifuge tube, add the InstaGene matrix, boil, and spin. PCR-ready DNA is in the supernatant and can be transferred directly into PCR reaction tubes

Total RNA Isolation: Aurum Total RNA Mini Kit
The Aurum total RNA mini kit produces DNA-free total RNA from a wide range of starting materials, including cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast, as well as animal and plant tissues. The Aurum total RNA mini kit can also be used for RNA cleanup and desalting.

Quantum Prep Plasmid Miniprep Kit
Obtain optimal yield of plasmids for gene transfer, restriction, ligation, and cloning protocols. The Quantum Prep miniprep kit is tested to ensure at least 20 µg of high-copy plasmid yield from just 1.5 ml of bacterial culture. The Quantum Prep miniprep procedure takes less than 15 minutes from cell culture to purified plasmid, using an easy spin column-based procedure. DNA is recovered in water or Tris-EDTA buffer for immediate use in mapping, sequencing, transfection, transformation, PCR, or subcloning.

PCR Kleen Spin Purification Columns
Try our prepacked spin columns for purifying PCR products and other DNA molecules >200 bp directly from reaction mixtures. A simple 4 minute spin effectively removes salts, nucleotides, enzymes, primers, and primer-dimers. Purified DNA fragments are eluted into a collection tube and are immediately available for secondary PCR, subcloning, restriction digests, ligations, sequencing, and other enzymatic manipulations.

Aurum Plasmid Mini Purification Kit
Our easy-to-use Aurum Plasmid Mini kit improves the efficiency and throughput of plasmid purifications with a simple bind-wash-elute protocol using silica membranes. Lysed bacterial cultures can be cleared either by centrifugation or by vacuum filtration with the Aurum Vacuum Manifold. The clarified lysates are then applied to plasmid binding columns and plates where DNA is bound, then washed and finally eluted — all in less than 10 minutes. The purified plasmid DNA can be immediately used in any downstream molecular biology application. For more information, request bulletin 2664.

Instagene Matrix

Instagene Matrix. Treatment of samples with Chelex 100 is the standard procedure for PCR sample preparation from bacteria, whole blood, mammalian cells and animal tissue. The Instagene Matrix makes Chelex easier to handle and is QC'd to ensure reproducibility from lot to lot. It's a ready-to-use slurry made with a small particle size for simple pipetting, and includes a stirring bar for easy resuspension.

The Freeze 'N Squeeze Method
Plasmid Purification Kit Selection Guide
Bacterial Culture
Density or Volume
Aurum plasmid mini >20µg 10 min Up to 12 OD • ml* Vacuum**
and spin
Quantum Prep miniprep >20µg 15 min 1–10 ml Spin Diatomaceous
or standard

* (OD600 of undiluted culture) x (culture volume in ml) = #of OD • ml. 1 OD600 is equivalent to approximately 8 x 108 cells/ml.
** Using the Aurum vacuum manifold.

Bio-Rad offers a complete line of products for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. From purification of milligram quantities of plasmid DNA for restriction analysis or transformation to rapid and efficient purification of PCR products, Bio-Rad provides you with high-quality kits that eliminate time-consuming, labor-intensive steps.

Aurum™ Plasmid Mini Purification Kit #732-6400EDU
Aurum Plasmid Mini Purification Kit

Plasmid purification kit contains plasmid-binding mini columns, capless collection tubes, reagents, for 100 preps

List Price:   $217.14
EDU Price:   $152.00   What is this?
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Aurum Total RNA Mini Kit

50 preps, includes columns, tubes, lyophilized DNase, RNase-free reagents; education use only

List Price:   $220.00
EDU Price:   $176.00   What is this?
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(Discontinued) Aurum Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum-mediated nucleic acid purification platform for spin columns or 96-well plates, includes column adaptor plate and all necessary accessories; education use only

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
Freeze 'N Squeeze Spin Columns

Pkg of 25, columns for agarose gel DNA extraction, 50 bp–23 kb recovery; education use only

List Price:   $59.00
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InstaGene Matrix

20 ml, Chelex-based resin for PCR-ready DNA purification, 100 extractions; education use only

List Price:   $53.00
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PCR Kleen™ Spin Purification Module #732-6300EDU
PCR Kleen™ Spin Purification Module

Fourth module in Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series classroom study kit, includes PCR Kleen Spin columns, test tubes, curriculum, for 12 workstations; education use only

List Price:   $78.75
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Quantum Prep Plasmid Miniprep Kit

Plasmid DNA purification kit, includes Quantum Prep matrix, solutions (cell resuspension and lysis, neutralization, wash), spin columns, sufficient for 100 preps; education use only

List Price:   $190.00
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