NMR Spectral Databases

Bio-Rad's NMR Spectral Libary is the authoritative source for NMR reference spectra.

Bio‑Rad's HaveItAll® NMR and HaveItAll XNMR Spectral Databases offer access to high-quality NMR spectral data for spectral search and reliable NMR prediction.

  • Bio-Rad offers over 500,000 13C NMR, 82,000 1H NMR, and 90,000 XNMR spectra (11B NMR, 15N NMR, 17O NMR,19F NMR, 29Si NMR, 31P NMR, and other nuclei)
  • Use to predict NMR spectra and retrieve the experimental spectra used to build prediction
  • Wide range of compounds including pure organics, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc.
  • Includes properties such as chemical structure, source of sample, etc. (when available)
  • Access the most recent data as it is added to the collection

Applications: NMR Prediction (carbon and proton), XNMR Prediction (boron, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, silicon, phosphorus), Structure Characterization, Unknown Structure Elucidation, NMR Spectral Library Search, NMR Spectrum Analysis, NMR Spectroscopy

Requires KnowItAll Software.

Software Requires KnowItAll Informatics System software; note features included and options may vary depending on the edition of the software licensed.
Number Description Options
INF-95380 KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library Click to download