Nitrocellulose Membrane Disks


Bio-Rad's 0.2 µm pore–size supported nitrocellulose membrane is dense 100% nitrocellulose cast on both sides of an inert polyester support. It is easy to handle, wets readily, and does not have the brittleness often associated with unsupported nitrocellulose.

The 0.2 µm pore size is optimized for transferring low molecular weight nucleic acids and proteins; the smaller pore size minimizes protein sample loss due to migration through the membrane. For higher molecular weight proteins and nucleic acids, use our 0.45 µm supported nitrocellulose membrane.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with all standard immunoblotting and nucleic acid detection methods
  • Provides superior binding capacity without background interference
  • Pore size produces excellent signal-to-noise blotting results
  • Available in in packs of precut membrane or an economical roll


  • Transfer of low molecular–weight proteins and nucleic acids <500 bp
  • Protein transfer from SDS-PAGE gels to membrane in preparation for western blotting
  • Transfer of nucleic acids in preparation for Northern or Southern blotting
  • Immunodetection of target protein and probe hybridization of nucleic acids

See the Blotting Membrane and Filter Paper Selection Guide for more information on the different membrane types and size selections by gel type.


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Nitrocellulose Membrane Disks

Pkg of 50, 82.5 mm, nitrocellulose membranes for use in nucleic acid blotting

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