Model 583 Gel Dryers



Expected Drying Times with the Model 583 Gel Dryer

Expected drying times with the Model 583 gel dryer as vacuum and drying temperatures change. Gels (1.5 mm, 12% polyacrylamide) were equilibrated in 10% acetic acid, 40% methanol prior to drying.

Model 583 Gel Dryer Racks

Double-Up Gel Dryer System

Model 583 Gel Dryer Display

Model 583 gel dryer display. This dryer features the ability to select the optimal drying cycle with the touch of a key.
The PAGE gel cycle performs all routine drying operations.
The sequencing cycle reduces sequencing gel drying time.
The gradient cycle slowly raises temperature to avoid heat-shock cracking of difficult-to-dry gels.


The gel drying process.

The Model 583 gel dryer has a 35 x 45 cm drying surface, which is large enough to fit up to 16 mini gels, 9 Criterion™ gels, 2 large format gels, or 1 sequencing gel. Three preprogrammed drying cycles provide optimum drying for any type of gel, particularly sequencing gels. Precision-controlled temperature regulation helps prevent gel cracking.

The Model 583 gel dryer's exclusive design incorporates a floating heating element in the lid to heat the gel from the top while the vacuum pulls vapor from the bottom, through the porous gel support. This design ensures uniform heating to speed drying. In contrast, gel dryers that heat and pull vacuum from the bottom take longer to dry gels, and the gels are more susceptible to cracking. The transparent sealing gasket allows monitoring of gels during the drying cycle.

The Model 583 Gel Dryer can be purchased in combination with the HydroTech™ vacuum pump.

Preset Drying Cycles

The Model 583 gel dryer's three microprocessor-controlled heating cycles provide optimum drying for different types of gels. Gradient gels require a gentle heating cycle to reduce thermal stress and prevent cracking. The gradient gel drying cycle slowly heats to a set temperature at 1°C per min. The sequencing gel drying cycle eliminates the need to preheat the dryer, speeding drying times by rapidly heating to 90°C and slowly equilibrating to the set temperature. The SDS-PAGE drying cycle is similar to conventional gel dryers; the dryer's heating element reaches a set temperature and holds that temperature for a preset time.

Quick-Seal Track for Instantaneous Gasket Seal

Simply apply vacuum, and the quick-seal track around the drying surface produces immediate gasket sealing. This groove also ensures an airtight seal throughout each drying cycle.

Superior Temperature Control

Microprocessor control maintains precise temperature regulation throughout the drying cycle by continuously monitoring and adjusting the temperature at the heating element surface. Any temperature between 50 and 90°C can be selected using the digital selection key.


The set drying conditions are retained in memory. Push the start button to recall the previous setting to use for the next run.

LED Display

The LED displays temperature and time, indicating exact dryer temperature and how much time is left in the cycle.

Drying Supports

Filter paper is an excellent support for drying stained gels. Sequencing gel filter paper provides stronger adhesion to the gel for lifting fragile sequencing gels from glass plates. The cellophane membranes provide a clear gel for transmission densitometry or presentations on overhead projectors.

Drying surface 35 x 45 cm
Gel capacity 16 mini (8 x 7 cm) gels, 9 Criterion™ (13.3 x 8.7 cm) gels, 2 large (20 x 20 cm) gels, 1 sequencing gel
Gel support plate Porous polypropylene, 120 µm average pore size
Sealing gasket Transparent silicone rubber
Vacuum source Minimum ultimate vacuum of 25" Hg pump with a rating of 28" Hg or better and a capacity of 20–30 L/min recommended
Operating temperature 50–90°C
Operating time 5 min to 9 hr 55 min
Operating cycles 3 programmable cycles (PAGE gel, sequencing, gradient) for various gel types
LED display Dryer temperature, time left in drying cycle
Regulatory certification CE, EN 61010-1
Dimensions (W x D x H) 55 x 50 x 11 cm
Weight 9.8 kg (22 lb)
Model 583 Gel Dryer

100/120 V, gel dryer, includes porous gel support, sealing gasket, filter paper backing, cellophane membrane backing, sequencing gel filter paper

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Model 583 Gel Dryer

220/240 V, gel dryer, includes porous gel support, sealing gasket, filter paper backing, cellophane membrane backing, sequencing gel filter paper

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