Microseal® 'A' Film


Microseal 'A' film* is a quick and effective means to seal the full range of Bio-Rad PCR plates and tubes. The compliant inner layer is designed to seal tightly during cycling, yet release smoothly to minimize the risk of aerosol formation and cross-contamination of samples. This film is easily cut for use with fewer than 96 wells, and a peel-away release liner protects the sealing surface from contamination.

Note: Microseal 'A' film is not designed for optical use. Do not use this film in real-time PCR detection systems.

* U.S. patent 5,721,136.


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Microseal® 'A' PCR Plate and PCR Tube Sealing Film

Pkg of 50, nonadhesive sealing film for PCR plates and tubes

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