Mass Spectral Databases

Bio-Rad's Mass Spectral Libary is the authoritative source for MS reference spectra.


Spectroscopy Catalog
Spectroscopy Catalog

Bio-Rad is a world leader in spectral data and software. The catalog below provides an overview of the IR, Raman, NMR, MS, UV-Vis spectral databases and Spectroscopy Software for spectral identification, database building, management, search, analysis, prediction, chemometics, structure drawing, and reporting.


KnowItAll Mass Spectral Library

Bio-Rad's KnowItAll Mass Spectral Library provides mass spectra selected from the highest-quality resources available.

  • Access over 1,106,000 high-quality mass spectra
  • Wide range of compounds including pure organics, drugs, steroids, additives, geochemicals, petrochemicals, biomarkers
  • Along with spectra, records contain physical properties and structures when available
  • Access the most recent data as it is added to the mass spectrometry library
  • Includes FREE KnowItAll ID Expert spectral identification software for the fastest, most accurate spectral searches.

Inludes the following MS databases:

Mass Spectral Databases
Source Library Name Spectra Index
Bio-Rad Sadtler AAFS Toxicology Section Mass Spectra of Drugs 2,758 View
Bio-Rad Sadtler NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Compounds 476 View
Bio-Rad Sadtler NIST EPA NIH Mass Spectral Library 276,248 -
Bio-Rad Sadtler SWGDRUG Library 183 View
Wiley Androstans and Estrogens and other Steroids 2,979 View
Wiley Drugs 2,204 View
Wiley Geochemicals / Petrochemicals & Biomarkers 1,093 View
Wiley Industrial Chemicals 41,110 View
Wiley Mass Spectral Library of Lipids 430 View
Wiley Mass Spectra of Pesticides with Retention Indices (2nd ed.) 1,300 View
Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data (11th ed.) 745,390 -
Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data (11th ed. Deleted Removed Spectra) 6,653 View
Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data (11th ed. Excessive Replicate Spectra) 23,775 View
Wiley Volatile Compounds in Food 1,598 View

Applications: MS Library Search, Mass Spectrum Analysis, Mass Spectrometry

Requires KnowItAll Software.

Number Description Options
INF-95381 KnowItAll Mass Spectral Library Click to download
INF-96559 Bio-Rad Spectral Database & Software Catalog - English Click to download