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Introducing KnowItAll® Raman ID Expert

Take your Raman spectra from unknown to identified

  • Completely new technology for spectral identification
  • The world's fastest-growing Raman database
  • Tremendous computational power
  • The most accurate answers possible

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List of Databases Included in KnowItAll® Raman ID Expert

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Introducing KnowItAll® Raman ID Expert

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KnowItAll® Raman ID Expert

KnowItAll Raman ID Expert is a completely new technology that combines Bio‑Rad's years of accumulated knowledge in the field of spectroscopy with tremendous computational power to provide the fastest, most accurate answers possible to scientists identifying unknown Raman spectra.

The spectral intelligence built into the KnowItAll ID Expert software combined with the world's fastest-growing spectral database provides the highest level of expertise to any scientist, whether a novice or power user. With over 9,700 high-quality Raman spectra and the addition of thousands of new spectra each year, Bio‑Rad is the authoritative source for Raman spectral identification.

Applications: Raman spectral interpretation, chemical classification, spectral analysis, material characterization, pattern characterization of Raman spectra, unknown Raman spectra identification.