KnowItAll ChemWindow Edition


Bio‑Rad's award-winning ChemWindow Edition software offers chemists integrated toolsets for:

  • Chemical Structure Drawing & Reporting
  • Chemical Information Management
  • Data Searching & Analysis

Learn more about each feature below or get a brief tour of the software.

Link Description Demo Movie
Basics Toolbox
DrawIt 2D chemical structure drawing (includes stereochemical recognition) Demo
ReportIt Scientific publishing / reporting tools Demo 1 2
3D ViewIt Input and visualization of 3D structures
BrowseIt Portal with useful links for KnowItAll users
SymApps 3D presentations and 3D modeling, plus calculation of bond lengths, angles, etc. Demo
Data Toolbox
SearchIt Database searching (search structures and properties) See search demos
MineIt Database display and mining Demo
Database Building Build databases with structures and chemical property information (MineIt feature)
Bonus Tools Included
Laboratory Glassware Collection Over 130 illustrations to document your experiments. Demo
Chemical Engineering Collection Over 250 symbols for realistic process flow diagrams Demo
Calculation Tools Calculators for a) easy mole-to-mass conversion, b) calculatation of mass from structure
MS Fragmentation Tool Determine whether your proposed structure matches your mass spectral data
Optional Solutions
IUPAC DrawIt Convert IUPAC name to structure Demo
IUPAC NameIt Convert structure to IUPAC name Demo
Upgrade Plan Support & upgrade plan for KnowItAll users

* Please note that there may be slight differences between demo movies and the KnowItAll software depending on the version of KnowItAll used to create the demo movie.

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