KnowItAll Academic Edition - Free Chemistry Software

KnowItAll Academic Edition Free Chemistry Software for Academia

Bio-Rad's Free Chemistry Software for Faculty and Students      Download Now

Bio‑Rad offers KnowItAll Academic Edition, a completely FREE chemistry software package to promote learning and research in the academic community. It includes chemical structure drawing software - ChemWindow®, chemistry reporting & publishing tools, and spectral analysis tools.

Who is eligible for the free software?

Students, faculty, administrators of any degree-granting academic institution. The KnowItAll Academic Edition must be re-licensed on an annual basis. An automated email will be sent once a year to renew the license to the KnowItAll Academic Edition.

Is technical support available for this software?

No, we do not offer support for the free KnowItAll Academic Edition. However, if you experience installation or license problems e-mail us.