IUPAC NameIt and DrawIt

IUPAC NameIt / DrawIt - Software to Generate IUPAC Names for Structures

With KnowItAll's IUPAC NameIt and IUPAC DrawIt, name or create structures using systematic IUPAC rules. Simply enter a structure or name, click a button, and generate the corresponding name or structure, based on internationally accepted standard nomenclature rules—without having to memorize them. Generating names and structures this way not only saves time, but also ensures accuracy and standardization of communication and data mining within the laboratory.

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*Available as option in certain KnowItAll software packages. Bio‑Rad's IUPAC NameIt and IUPAC DrawIt software generate names and structures, respectively, based on systematic IUPAC rules. Use of the term IUPAC with these marks does not imply that Bio‑Rad is affiliated with IUPAC

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INF-95925 KnowItAll - IUPAC NameIt and IUPAC DrawIt Datasheet Click to download