IQ/OQ Services

IQ/OQ Services for Thermal Cyclers and Real-Time PCR Systems

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Services for thermal cyclers and real-time PCR systems ensure that your systems function properly and provide the expected accuracy and reproducibility during nucleic acid amplification.

IQ/OQ Services enable you to:

  • Maximize instrument uptime — planned instrument qualification services ensure your instruments are performing according to specifications
  • Increase your confidence — frequent instrument validation helps minimize loss of precious samples and valuable time associated with a malfunctioning instrument
  • Remain compliant — official documentation can aid in regulatory compliance requirements

Description of Services

Our IQ/OQ Services for PCR instrumentation are completed by a certified service engineer.

IQ Services include a careful inspection and documentation of instrument installation, including:

  • Ensuring that the instrument is properly installed
  • Inspecting vital system components
  • Documenting details about the computer, system, and software installation
  • Confirming correct system functionality

OQ Services verify and document that the instrument is performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The thorough evaluation includes:

  • Documenting essential system information, including instrument firmware, software, and related computer information
  • Inspecting instrument cleanliness
  • Completing instrument verification and service system tests
  • Performing a service diagnostic test that examines essential system functionality, including lid heating, temperature cycling, system memory, and sensor integrity
  • Completing a wet chemistry validation of system performance for our real-time PCR instruments using the CFX Qualification Plate

Signed documentation is provided to record the completion of the IQ and OQ Services.

Available IQ/OQ Services*

Thermal Cyclers
C1000 Touch™

Real-Time PCR Instruments
CFX96 Touch™
CFX384 Touch™
CFX Connect™
CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well
CFX Automation II System

* Contact your Bio-Rad office for information regarding IQ/OQ Service availability in your region. Bio-Rad also offers IQ/OQ Services for many discontinued thermal cyclers and real-time PCR instruments. Contact your local Bio-Rad office to learn more about these services.

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