iQ-Check® Legionella Real-Time PCR Kits

iQ-Check Legionella Real-Time PCR kits

Fast Legionella Testing Solutions
Bio-Rad has developed real-time PCR kits for the detection or quantification of Legionella spp. or Legionella pneumophila. The kits deliver reliable results in a short time without the need of bacterial cultures. Protocol includes sample filtration, DNA extraction, PCR amplification and data analysis.

The iQ-Check Legionella Real-Time PCR Kits include DNA primers and fluorescent probes highly specific to the target organisms. If Legionella spp. or Legionella pneumophila is present in the sample, DNA is amplified and the increased fluorescence is monitored and recorded in real time using a real-time PCR detection system such as Bio-Rad’s CFX96 Touch™ Real Time PCR Detection System. A multiplex assay with two dyes is performed: probes for the target DNA and the internal control, each labeled with different fluorophores, are used in a single tube.The set of standards provided with the iQ-Check Quanti kits ensures the automatic quantification of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila with no extra steps.

Ready to use reagents, positive/negative DNA controls, and DNA quantification standards are all provided with the kits for optimal PCR results. The internal control included in the reagents ensures the monitoring of PCR inhibition for each sample.

Adaptable to all Routine Throughputs
Up to 94 samples can be tested at the same time. Using a Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch™ Real Time PCR Detection System and dedicated software, PCR data analysis takes just a few seconds.

Suitable for all Samples
The kit has been validated for a wide range of samples, including water from cooling towers, hot sanitary water systems etc. Protocols have been developed for biofilm and aerosol samples.

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