InstaGene™ Matrix


InstaGene matrix, made with a specially formulated 6% w/v Chelex resin, makes DNA sample preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective, providing PCR-quality template DNA in less than an hour. The Chelex matrix binds to PCR inhibitors rather than DNA, preventing DNA loss due to irreversible DNA binding. The InstaGene matrix eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive deproteinization, organic extraction, dialysis, and alcohol precipitation protocols required in traditional DNA purification procedures. Place the cells in a microcentrifuge tube, add the InstaGene matrix, boil, and spin. The matrix adsorbs cell lysis products that interfere with the PCR amplification process. DNA in the supernatant is ready for PCR.

Features include:

  • Ease of use — the small-particle-size slurry won't clog pipet tips and is easily resuspended with the included stirbar
  • Appropriate matrix concentration ready upon resuspension
  • Affordability and cost-effectiveness — 100 samples from 1 bottle

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InstaGene™ Matrix

20 ml, Chelex–based resin for PCR-ready DNA purification, for 100 extractions

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1810 InstaGene Matrix: Prepare DNA Templates for PCR With No Phenol/Chloroform Extractions and No Deproteinization Steps, Rev C Click to download
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