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The CMV antigenemia assay is a non-culture technique which has been proven to be a valuable method for detection of an active CMV infection by analysis of human blood samples.

The antigenemia technique has been optimized and developed for use in the CMV Brite™ Kit. All the reagents necessary to perform antigenemia testing have been combined in this kit. This product is available in a 40-test and a 100-test kit. The 40-test kit has been designed for analysis of single patient samples per experiment; while the 100-test kit allows more patient samples to be analyzed in parallel per experiment.

The CMV Brite™ Turbo Antigenemia Kit uses the well defined C10/C11 antibody cocktail to detect the CMV lower matrix phosphoprotein (pp65), an early antigen in virus replication, which is abundantly present in antigen-positive polymorphonuclear cells. The CMV Brite Turbo Kit, is a rapid new version of the first FDA-registered immunofluorescence antigenemia kit for in vitro CMV diagnosis.