in2it™ (II) Analyzer



in2it (II) Analyzer

Quality with Every in2it™ Result

Bio-Rad provides superior results you can trust time after time. The cornerstones of Bio-Rad A1c products are consistent reproducibility and accuracy, providing you with reliable results for improved patient care.

in2it Results Are:

Reproducible — Laboratory precision produces consistent results with minimal variation.

Accurate — Result comparison with NGSP reference values assigned using HPLC.

Reproducible   Accurate*
in2it First Result Second Result Third Result   NGSP % HbA1c in2it Result % HbA1c
5.1 5.0 5.1 Normal 5.6 5.8
7.1 7.1 7.0 Diabetic 8.0 7.8
9.2 9.1 9.3 High Diabetic 10.9 10.8

*Average of seven samples per range

in2it (II) Analyzer

in2it™ A1C Test Procedure

1. Getting Started

  • Test cartridges must be warmed to room temperature
  • Consult the user manual for instructions on collecting control or venous samples
A. When the in2it is ready to run a test, the cartridge symbol will flash. Press the middle button (under the cartridge symbol) to start a test. D. With a sterile lancet, prick the patient's finger and gently squeeze to obtain a generous drop of blood.
B. The in2it door will open. It is ready to accept a cartridge. E. Holding the blood key by the round handle, touch the pointed end to the edge of the blood drop. Blood will automatically flow into the key. Take care not to get blood on the outside of the blood key.
C. Place a cartridge in the workstand with the blue blood port facing up.    

2. Insert Blood Key into Cartridge

  • Proper insertion of blood key into the test cartridge is essential.
    See Quick Reference Guide.

A. Align
Properly align the blood key prior to pressing the key through the blue blood port. The rectangular part of the blood key should fit into the rectangular area of the blue blood port.

C. Push
Press firmly down on the blood key until it locks in position.
 B. Pierce
Pierce the film covering the blue blood port. The blood key will drop straight into the port.
 D. Twist
Twist the handle of the blood key until it snaps off.

3. Place Cartridge into Instrument

A. Immediately (within 10 seconds), place the
cartridge in the door with the white plate facing
inward and the blue blood port facing up.
C. When the test is completed, the result will be displayed. Record the result.
  D. Press the cartridge symbol button to open the door and remove the cartridge. After removing the cartridge, press the OK button to close the door prior to running the next test.
B. Immediately (within 10 seconds), press the OK button to close the door. Testing will start automatically.    

4. Results Displayed in 10 Minutes

in2it (II) Analyzer

Improved Patient Care

Studies show that discussing A1C results with patients in realtime significantly improves glycemic control. A1C levels were reduced up to 1.44% A1C after 6 months and up to 1.65% A1C after 12 months in the immediate assay group compared to the control group.*

* E. Cagliero et al. Immediate Feedback of HbA1c Levels Improves Glycemic Control in Type 1 and Insulin-Treated Type 2 Diabetic Patients. Diabetes Care, Vol. 22, No. 11, November 1999.

in2it (II) Analyzer

in2it Is Easy to Use

The in2it is CLIA waived,1 fully automated, and easy to use. in2it results are obtained
using a 3-step process, simplifying instrument operation and staff training.

1 510(k) cleared for prescription home use and, accordingly, is CLIA waived.

in2it (II) Analyzer

in2it Delivers Reliable Results

The in2it correlates closely to established HPLC laboratory methods. In studies using HPLC instruments, the correlation values were accurate and reproducible. This level of correlation ensures that the results generated in your office will closely match laboratory results.

Reproducible — Laboratory precision produces consistent results with minimal variation.

in2it Result Normal Diabetic High Diabetic
First 5.1 7.1 9.2
Second 5.0 7.1 9.1
Third 5.1 7.0 9.3

Accurate* — Result comparison with NGSP reference values assigned using HPLC.

  Normal Diabetic High Diabetic
NGSP % HbA1c 5.6 8.0 10.9
in2it Result % HbA1c 5.8 7.8 10.8

* Average of seven samples per range

in2it (II) Analyzer

in2it Results Are Reimbursable

  • The A1C CPT code is 83037QW and the United States Medicare reimbursement limit is $13.34 per test
  • in2it reduces costs by eliminating the need for A1C send-out testing

The in2it™ (II) Analyzer is a versatile hemoglobin A1c testing system for the physician's office and prescription home use that is easy to use and puts you in control of when and where to test. Calibrated to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), in2it meets the standard for laboratory-accurate results. The system is CLIA-waived,* so existing staff can perform the test. Full automation simplifies training, eliminates manual steps, and allows walk-away operation. For greater convenience and patient comfort, it operates on small, fingerstick samples and is eligible for reimbursement.

in2it™ delivers precise results quickly and easily while patients wait, enabling same-visit consultations and better treatment compliance. Designed for laboratory precision with onsite convenience, in2it delivers accurate results in just minutes.

Bio-Rad’s in2it™ (II) Analyzer requires two accessories for day-to-day operation: a System Check Cartridge and A1C Controls. The reusable System Check Cartridge verifies correct operation of all optical and electronic components, while the A1C Controls confirm that the analyzer and test cartridges are performing properly and that results are being reported correctly.

* 510(k) cleared for prescription home use and, accordingly, is CLIA waived.

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