Human Epididymis Protein 4 Antigen (HE4)

Human Epididymis Protein 4 Antigen (HE4)

HE4 (first associated with the human epididymis) belongs to the family of whey acidic four-disulfide core (WFDC) proteins. An EU and FDA approved blood test immunoassay is used as an aid in monitoring recurrence or progressive disease in patients with epithelial and endometrial ovarian cancer. It is being used together with CA 125 to increase positive predictive value for women with possible ovarian cancer recurrence.


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HE4 Ag., CC, PP, LCR

Source: Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cell Line. Concentration: 50-200 pmol/mL. Form: Liquid in Phosphate Buffered Saline /50 mM EDTA pH 7.4 ± 0.1, No Azide

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