Experion Priming Station

Experion Priming Station


Experion Priming Station

Experion priming station. The priming station primes the chip by applying pressure and pushing the gel solution into the microchannels of the chip. This automated priming method helps ensure reproducible chip performance.

Experion System
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The Experion automated priming station consistently prepares chips for successful automated electrophoresis with minimal hands-on time. It is used with all Experion chips regardless of protein, RNA, or DNA application. Preset time and pressure settings ensure optimal priming of the gel matrix into the microchannels of the chip in preparation for sample analysis. This device helps ensure higher quality and more reproducible results compared with less reliable manual priming methods.

Key Features

  • Built-in, pressure-activated release mechanism ensures precise priming
  • Coordinating alignment arrows on the chip and priming station ensure proper chip placement for accurate priming
  • Large LCD display clearly shows the preset time and pressure settings
  • Integrated timer conveniently counts down the time-sensitive priming step
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents early release while priming


Priming Station Materials Specifications  
Base casing Glass-filled polycarbonate
Translucent lid Polycarbonate
Latch Polycarbonate
Rubber feet Thermoplastic rubber
Priming seal Silicone rubber
Priming Station Operation Specifications  
Power supply 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 31 VA
Pressure range 50–125 psi
Number Description Options
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