Econo-Pac® 10DG Desalting Prepacked Gravity Flow Columns



Particle Size (µm) Capacity Applications
protein A
protein A gel
2 ml 10–14 mg
mouse IgG1*
10–14 mg
mouse IgG1*
Gravity-flow purification of monoclonal antibodies from small amounts of ascites fluid or serum.
protein A kit
300mg mouse
Contains everything necessary to purify monoclonal anitbodies from ascites fluid or serum, including Affi-Gel protein A column, reusable Econo-Pac 10DG columns (for a sample preparation and buffer exchange of the purified antibody), and MAPS II buffers. Enough reagents to purify 500 mg mouse IgG1.
serum IgG
DEAE Affi-Gel
blue gel
10 ml 75–150 3 ml serum per column per run For purification of IgG from other serum proteins and plasminogen with only residual transferrin contamination. Columns can be resued 8–10 times.
serum IgG
3 ml serum per column Contains everything necessary to purify IgG from serum, including 5 Econo-Pac serum IgG purification columns, reusable Econo-Pac 10DG column for sample preparation, and premixed buffers for human and rabbit IgG applications. Up to 15 ml serum can be purified at one time.
10DG desalting gel column
Bio-Gel® P-6 gel 10 ml 90–180 3 ml sample
per column per run
Gravity-flow column for desalting and buffer exchange applications. Exclusion limit is 6,000 Da.

* When used with MAPS II buffers.

Prepacked Cartridge Selection by Application
Cartridge by Application Support Type of Separation Chemical Form Protein capacity/ml*
Protein and Plasmid Purification
High Q Macro-Prep® High Q Strong anion exchange -N+(CH3)3 ≥37 mg BSA
UNOsphere Q UNOsphere™ Q Strong anion exchange -N+(CH3)3 180 mg BSA
UNOsphere S UNOsphere S Strong cation exchange -SO3- 60 mg human IgG
DEAE Macro-Prep DEAE Weak anion exchange -HN+(C2H5)2 >35 mg protein
Protein Purification
High S Macro-Prep High S Strong cation exchange -SO3- ≥49 mg human IgG
IgG Purification
DEAE Blue DEAE Affi-Gel® Blue Affinity Cibacron Blue
0.2–1.0 ml serum
Antibody Purification
Protein A Affi-Prep® protein A Affinity Protein A 8–10 mg mouse monoclonal IgG1
CHT™ Type I CHT ceramic
hydroxyapatite Type I
Hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3OH)2 16–23 mg human IgG
CHT Type II CHT ceramic
hydroxyapatite Type II
Hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3OH)2 25–60 mg human IgG
Affinity-Tagged Protein Purification
IMAC** Profinity™ IMAC Affinity Iminodiacetic acid ≥15 mg recombinant
His-tagged protein
GST** Profinity GST Affinity Glutathione ≥10 mg/ml recombinant
GST-tagged protein
Desalting, Buffer Exchange
P-6 Bio-Gel® P-6 Gel filtration Polyacrylamide 10–22% CV***
Purification of Serum Proteins, Enzymes
Blue Affi-Gel Blue Affinity Cibacron Blue
0.2 mlm serum
11 mg albumin

*   Protein capacity based on bulk support; check individual instruction manuals for run conditions and specifications.
**  IMAC and GST cartridges are designed for use with the Profinia protein purification system.
*** Column volume.

Column and Resin Selection Guide

Column and Resin Selection Guide Capture Column and Resin Selection Guide Intermediate Purification Column and Resin Selection Guide Polishing

Econo-Pac 10DG Desalting Columns for gravity-flow chromatography allow fast and simplified antibody purification. These columns are prepacked with Bio-Gel® P-6DG Gel and include an upper frit, a snap-off end tip, graduated column markings, and a 30 ml total column volume. To improve column performance at higher flow rates, use an Econo-Pac Flow Adaptor (738-0019).


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Econo-Pac 10DG Desalting Columns

Pkg of 30, 10 ml packed resin, 20 ml reservoir, prepacked gravity-flow chromatography column, includes upper frit

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