DrawIt - 2D Structure Drawing

DrawIt - Award-Winning Software for Chemical Structure Drawing

DrawIt incorporates all the structure drawing tools from Bio‑Rad's award-winning ChemWindow software. With DrawIt, users can draw any chemical structure with just a few clicks and drags.


  • Customizable toolbars with tools to draw chemical structures easily, including bonds, rings, atom labels, charges, etc.
  • Chemical recognition features such as hot keys, chemical syntax checker, tools to calculate mass and formula, etc.
  • Stereochemical recognition including R/S and E/Z isomers
  • OLE technology for in-place editing in word processing and presentation software
  • Predefined styles for captions and structures

File formats supported:

  • ChemDraw (.cdx)
  • ChemWindow (.cwg)
  • DrawIt (.dsf)
  • Hampden files (.hsf)
  • InChI (.txt)
  • JCAMP (.dx, .jdx)
  • MDL MOL files (.mol)
  • MDL RXN files (.rxn)
  • Smiles (.smi)
  • XYZ structure files (.xyz)
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*Available as part of the ChemWindow Edition and other KnowItAll software packages.

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