DNA Electrophoresis Classroom Lab Set 2


Build your biotech laboratory step-by-step with research-quality electrophoresis lab sets, now available for science education. This classroom lab set includes equipment and accessories for supporting up to 32 students.

This set includes:

1 PowerPac™  Basic power supply
4 professional adjustable-volume micropipets, 2–20 µl range
4 Mini-Sub® cell GT systems (each system includes gel tank with easy-to-replace electrode cassettes, lid with 3 ft power leads, 7 x 10 cm UV-transparent gel tray with fluorescent ruler, and two 8-well fixed-height drop-in combs for ease in casting gels)

DNA Electrophoresis Classroom Lab Set 2

120/220 V, lab equipment package, includes PowerPac Basic power supply, 4 Mini-Sub cell GT systems, 8 professional 2–20 μl adjustable-volume micropipets; education use only

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