Database Building Option

Spectral & Chromatographic Data Management for the Local or Global Laboratory

With KnowItAll's Database Building option, researchers can build searchable databases that include spectra, chromatograms, chemical structures, and other metadata. So even if a laboratory's analytical instruments come from multiple manufacturers, KnowItAll can archive all the data.

  • Build databases with one or more techniques (NMR, MS, IR, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, chromatograms)
  • Import analytical data from multiple instrument vendors
  • One-click import of common native instrument file formats (over 70 formats supported) or .csv format (spreadsheet)
  • Enhance each record with peak information, structures, and properties, such as source of sample, boiling point, etc.
  • Import multiple structure formats (with stereochemical bonds and identifiers)
  • Use “Batch Import and Export” for efficient handling of spectra, structures, and property files
  • Databases can be customized to meet each laboratory's specifications
  • Deploy at the desktop or enterprise-wide
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*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages. Types of data supported will depend on the edition of KnowItAll and options licensed.

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Number Description Options
INF-95384 KnowItAll - MineIt Database Building Option Datasheet Click to download
INF-Reprint_003 Reprint: Data Management in the Spectral Laboratory (International Labmate, April 2004) Click to download